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Here are our boiler-plate conditions and terms.

Notice of confidentiality

This post is intended only for readers of this blog, or the entity to which it is addressed. Information contained herein may be confidential, privileged, or elsewise protected under law from unauthorized disclosure. Any linking of this post, any copying, distribution, use, disclosure, texting, bleating, or screen-shooting, by/for readers/recipients other than intended, will result in immediate violation of federal and/or Maine state privacy laws. With or without ads, your presence here may be shared with the United States and/or Russian government, and/or followed by the Green and Blue House AdNonsense app. (short for apparatus). We will follow you from site to site, making sure your reading/viewing experience is all it can be. Also, we are not putting a lock on any of these posts because we trust you.

Here are our conditions and terms for your presence here today. They are subject to change at any time, whether past present or future; eternity also pending:


In reading here you demonstrate that you trust computerized systems to allegorize/analyze your presence (including any likes or comments, and/or personal e-mails), in order to provide you with products and serVices, malwear and spam relevant to your personality, bodily functions, intellectual properties, and custom searches. Your psychology, in whatever condition, is of primary importance to us. Our highly confidential and classified analysis of your presence is received, but also sent and stored. You will, however, retain ownership of your intellectual contents once we have downloaded and collated, tabulated and diagrammed the contents of these thoughts. We thank you for your nanosecond of patience and goodwill during this extended effort.

When you upload likes and comments, or receive feedback from us on your likes or comments, you are licensing us to modify, replicate, stock-pile, cache, hoard, reserve, and create works based on these comments and likes. We may also reuse or filter your distinctive personality in ways unrecognizable to you. Your content may be translated into other languages, such as Russian, Algonquin, Philippian or Galatian. Rights granted by you via your presence here are solely for the limited aim of improving our blog. This is a service to you for your benefit. (For example, if you should stop reading our blog, this license will continue until you cease to live at your current address [which our blog accurately pinpoints via GhoulGot Mapping].)

Be certain all necessary rights have been filed with the proper governmental office—whether copyright, trademark or patent—in granting us this licensing of your likes, comments and psychology.

In closing, using our AdNonsense program, you may, if you wish, put an ad for your book, comic, blog, or other Maine-related entertainment/art in the GBH replies to any blog entry at The Green and Blue House. AdNonsense automatically places your advertisements in a distinctive and targeted text, image, video, or webBlink to earn money for The Green and Blue House wherever morally appropriate. We intend not to be evil!


Altering or curtailing, concluding, or otherwise putting a stop or modification to our services:

Since our blog is constantly improving, we may need to add/remove our ad features or increase the following functions; or stop blogging altogether. You will be able to stop reading this weblog at any interval you wish, but at this time we are not embedding the link for you to do so. This is still in discussion, and we will let you know when software tests are completed to enable embedding of this termination link. Check back with us periodically.

In closing, revenue from AdNonsense generates with each click on this site. Becoming a website verified in the AdNonsense program is free, extended to you, your blog or other social media, as a courtesy of The Green and Blue House.


If you’re made it this far into our terms and conditions, we congratulate you! Now that you’ve read them, take a look at our privacy policy:

Portions of your identity like phone, email, full name and credit card numbers, all this personal information is securely stored with us. You may be asked to create public, visible Green and Blue House profiles for you and your family members. Device information is stored and associated with particular device identifiers, available across your specific array, for use by the GBH. Your forwarding numbers, date and time of calls, duration, calling-party, and call types, as well as internet protocols and server logs may be used. And you are committed to disclose no part of our blog to the USA Federal Trade Commission.

Showing up at The Green and Blue House is the best way to control, access, humanize and individualize your Green and Blue House experience. If you don’t show up here, you will not be able to control your privacy settings when they become available. These include:

  • Your Green and Blue House search history.
  • Your Green and Blue House WeTub search-watch history.
  • Your Green and Blue House FarceBook follows, likes, friends/relatives, boss, and pets deceased or otherwise.
  • Your Green and Blue House AdNonsense settings.
  • Your Green and Blue House other, example AdNauseams and AdInfinita, etc..

In closing, if you find you cannot agree with our vision here at the etc., you are, as stated, welcome to terminate your viewing at any time, and we wish you well! Remember, BIG BOTHER is watching: we are not going to be non-good. And neither should you.

Go out and have a great day!

celebrating the resurrection yesterday so we had to do this today. we can be fools any ol’ day!

(In closing, we apologize for the brevity of these conditions and terms. Subject to change without notice, our business model is still a work-in-progress. While eluding Bitter, Gargantuan, GoldGo, and others, difficulties meeting standards accrue while aping style to meet advanced legal criteria. Mimicry comprises the same challenging, painstaking labor involved in writing fan fiction. We also take pains to avoid social media’s MoahAdS Analyzer.)

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© The Green and Blue House, 2017. All rights reserved.

These are our boiler-plate conditions and terms. 

This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events, organizations, or locales is coincidental.

All Rights Are Reserved. No part of this blog entry may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

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