investigative 6

Reading Welsh and Maineiac mysteries together, hoping to discover clues as to the state of The God’s Cycle corpus. Is it dead or alive? Pairing the Maineiac and the Welsh is not inappropriate because there are parallels in this coupling. The Maineiac is not a Mainer born and bred, but one “from away,” someone just crazy enough — wanting to live here despite the covert/overt challenge. The Welsh, as everyone in the UK knows, are plain crazy. The English of long ago absconded with Britain and the true King Arthur. The Irish (slightly less crazy Celts) absconded with St. Patrick, but that’s another history.

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investigative 5

Really you’ve got to expect it. I didn’t know Mark Twain had written detective fiction. Of course he did. Of course he satirizes Sherlock Holmes! Of course the story is set it in a mining camp out West, there being precedent in Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet, published fifteen years before. And of course Twain called his A Double-barreled Detective Story.

The double-barreled is metaphor for two detectives working on the same murder case. Sherlock Holmes uses observation and scientific analysis. Archie Stillman (non de plume) uses his nose for scent analysis. Each detective has strengths and weaknesses — Sherlock Holmes’ weakness is Mark Twain — who burlesqued him mercilessly. (Almost)

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maine trade wars


The Maine Trade Commission has enacted tariffs, initiating trade wars with countries around the world. Seventy nationstates have declared an embargo on coffee in wake of Maine’s recent high tariffs on State of Maine drinks-of-choice — coffee and coffee brandy. These countries have all unfairly colluded with one another to force an unacceptable deal on Maine’s most profitable mining industry.



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free ebook web coupon for UPLANDS

Friends, here’s an opportunity for us both, ongoing till the end of May.  Wipf & Stock is offering a free ebook at their site for the latest in our Maine Metaphor series, Visiting the Eastern Uplands. Visiting Aroostook. To grab the ebook–the page is HERE. At the shopping cart checkout, paste in the code word UPLANDS . Make certain you are clicking on the ebook button, not that of the hardcopy. They both have the same price (sans coupon).

free ebook with coupon, code word UPLANDS

 What is it about that word? Aroostook. “The County,” we call it in Maine. When you think of the State of Maine, maybe the quaint or upscale coastline comes to mind, ragged glacier-carved cliffs, peninsulas and islands in the Gulf of Maine. Lobsters, fisheries, boats.

Or maybe it’s mountains, the Western Mountains where we live and snowshoe. Where skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking and getting lost in the woods all come to mind. The terminus of the Appalachian Trail is at the top of our Greatest Mountain, Katahdin.

What we don’t think of is farmland, homegrown nourishment, Canadian borderlands, and …the Amish. Also, we don’t think of Ohio.

I recall my astonishment the first time I saw an Amishman in Maine. He was standing on the mezzanine in L.L. Bean’s, famous outfitter of outdoorsmen and women.  This anomaly, wearing signature Amishman’s hat and beard, stood quietly observing. Everything. Everything in the hustle of shoppers shopping. I stopped shopping, gazing at him in his survey. The difference in our gazes? Mine, I’m sure, was one of astonishment.  His was not.

A word is a tiny thing, a written word.

What mystery is housed in the word forest?  Evergreen boughs upturned in mist, crowned with cones. And breathing leaves. Try the word Story itself.


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[B] Terms and Conditions for The Green and Blue House



Here are our boiler-plate conditions and terms.

Notice of confidentiality

This post is intended only for readers of this blog, or the entity to which it is addressed. Information contained herein may be confidential, privileged, or elsewise protected under law from unauthorized disclosure. Any linking of this post, any copying, distribution, use, disclosure, texting, bleating, or screen-shooting, by/for readers/recipients other than intended, will result in immediate violation of federal and/or Maine state privacy laws. With or without ads, your presence here may be shared with the United States and/or Russian government, and/or followed by the Green and Blue House AdNonsense app. (short for apparatus). We will follow you from site to site, making sure your reading/viewing experience is all it can be. Also, we are not putting a lock on any of these posts because we trust you.

Here are our conditions and terms for your presence here today. They are subject to change at any time, whether past present or future; eternity also pending:

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Throughout this holy week series, I’ve correlated my friend’s creativity and sufferings with those of the lord jesus christ. He suffered greatly in making the world and cosmos, and us; and in redeeming us after the fall in eden.  If you know/acknowledge you are a sinner, this is for you. I do. It is for me.

Here are resurrection images used with permission by Maine artist, Nancy Jacob.


Earthy resurrection images made before and after crippling suffering, experienced by Nancy.

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