LeakyWits continues releasing the Screwtype e-mails

Here begins part 1 of: the infamous Screwtype e-mails.

Below find part II. Note from The Green and Blue House:

One batch at a time, LeakyWits is releasing their cache of emails illegally obtained from publishers RandompenguinsXian. I discovered this ongoing illegal series while searching on “S. Dorman,” one of which turns out to be a little known writer of gospel tracts. In the past it has been felt that secular publishing swoops in to abscond with creative works before RandompenguinsXian and other religious publishers can get to them. Now evidence is mounting that this may not be the case.



from Screwtype@randompenguinsxian

Woody this isn’t working. We cannot have real sinning, real sinners in our books unless it’s virtually black-and-white. She’s trying to turn this into a cross between Robinson, Percy, Buechner, Dante and I don’t know who all. Our blessed new hire (I’m still reluctant to use that term editor) is not getting our drift. Our concern has been in this business for over 100 years, our creative imprint of course is getting on its legs (so to speak) and we want it walking all over the world. Books in various translations… and of course you see how important it is to be easily translatable into simplest terms. Artistry yes—but messaging. Don’t forget that clear messaging. We need Western Union more than ever (speaking metaphorically).

Please up your game a bit here.


PS The last thing we want is to be explicit in our influence over the situation re acquisitions. It’s hard work, I know, but you must persist in the granular approach. Whatever, at that level, does not advance Christ must be shown (not told to her) unacceptable—gently, but absolutely and persistently firm. Just keep softly coming back to it. That should do it for you. None of that hard-edged virtue passing itself off as signals.


from Taylor@ImprimDeNature.com

Woody, in this biblical fanfiction, a gang of kids is transported as subatomic particles to a parallel universe were they haunt their alternate neighborhood. Trying to figure out how to get “home,” they hang with the alternate gang who are initially unaware of their presence… but, the association may bring about their return: the father of two parallel gang members is a physicist the visitors think may be responsible for their being present in the neighboring universe … on the heels of CDMS experimentation in a lab beneath the city. Without prior indicators, the alternate city is about to be destroyed and these alien kids will play a role in saving their new friends from its self-conceived destruction. The plot of this speculative fiction is complicated with crime, history, and other elements such as gaming and alternative Native Camerica.

This SF novel synthesizes religion with subatomic science and theory-of-multiverse in a complex adventure tale with high stakes. Meantime is a novelistic demonstration of our belief that “we live and move and have our being” in God. Arguing in good humor with his smart scientific friend, one character in particular tries to encourage the kids to pray for help in getting home from the Other Universe. Something like the way in which early Celtic legends and myths incorporated Biblical happenings in their founding legends and myths, religious world view is on display in alternate terms. Twentieth century faith-filled fiction has similarly played with alternate worlds, as per example C.S. Lewis’ Narnia.

The opening lines of Meantime:

Huddling with the FivePoints 2017 CE gang, by a stone wall of this dark Akropolis Cemetery, HAAAAAH rubbed the sweat out of his dark broom’do. He looked about him with that special CossycSystms eye of his. He said with disgust, ‘A line of 0’s and 1’s.’

Alabambo, the albino girl with green tattooed face, smiled off into the pod-lit dark, saying, ‘Or, x’s and o’s.’

I’m a little intrigued, Woody. What do you think?

Best, Taylor


from Screwtype@randompenguinsxian

You’ve got the same answer I gave to the literary mystery book, Woody. Such subtle Christian science fiction is just not going to work. Nudge her back toward the Quaker romance line…but not too heavily on the pacifist quality.



Screwtype e-mail expose continuing here.  (Link leads to part 3.)

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