neighbor Ann asked me to post her letter:

Dear Editor,

Hot button political squabbles and maneuvering are more earnest and enduring than local community, neighborly caring, love of the land, and connections to local historical values. So I’ve some trenchant thoughts to share at the special town meeting upcoming.

I’ve noticed a lot of letters in The Citizen with multitudes of negative reasons for not having industrial wind turbines or for placing stringent requirements on them. Our house straddles the border of Greenwood and Bethel so we get to make vital consequential decisions on these important issues in both towns. But! when in the bedroom closet (a corner of which is in Greenwood), do I think one way? And when I’m in the living room, (Bethel) do I think another way? Absolutely not. I’m adamantly faithful in my ideological hubris no matter where I stand.


Ann’s letter continues:


We must be very certain about what we’re doing here because there are plenty of unincorporated townships (over 400) hungry for wind turbines, and we want to make sure these don’t get the benefits and opportunities Bethel and Greenwood might enjoy. For instance, I know for certain, by my Maine Atlas, that Townships1 ND through TownshipA2 R13 & 14 WELS are showing zero population (of course Maine Atlas is print so we don’t know how trustworthy it is). Corporate landowners of these lands, especially mountainous lands, must be chomping at the bit to get in on some of this wind turbine action! So our towns have got to act fast in order to make a sure capture — without a lot of questions, statistics, and bother about consequential particulars we can’t yet understand.

We should see nothing wrong in inviting companies or even “evil” corporations to come and make a little money where they don’t live and are not part of the dreadful toils of our communities. Toils such as raising healthy happy active children, working for a living, fishing in peace, and etc. Why shouldn’t these “evil” faceless corporations receive a little bit of local goodness from us generous Bethel and Greenwood citizens?

So I say vote generously. Give these wind turbine generation companies anything they want. They are good guys, after all. Finally — full disclosure — I’m related to people in the entertainment industry who would like nothing better than to open a burgeoning multi-site company along the lines of Hollywood or Bollywood in the Western Mountains of Maine. If you are generous enough in your subsidies, they might consider our towns. Already they are thinking of calling it Windywood, in honor of what your generous wind ordinance will establish in the two communities.

Semi-finally, please keep in mind the beneficence of the West Virginian landowners who generously provided the tops of all their mountains in a heroically crushing move to get more energy into these “evil” corporate pipelines (so to speak). They were able to line those local communities’ pockets with volumes of crushed nothingness to make their communities healthy, and provide educational opportunities for their children.

Sincerely yours,

Ann O. Numoss


This posting of Ann’s letter discharges my duty to our neighbor.

(I wanted to caution Ann about verbal cliché and hyperbole, but decided to refrain for reasons of peace and good will. Because this is only a blog entry, place and other names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

UPDATE: Ann’s citizen group won the vote. New regulations allowing industrial wind turbines near houses were adopted despite overwhelming evidence of health impacts. Perhaps the vote had been otherwise if a large landowner had not posted “no trespassing,” disputing his loss of control.  Sportsmen and snowmobilers were disappointed by his prevention and came out to vote in support of him. There may be use of his trails permitted this winter as a result.

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