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Here in Maine I have a friend. One of the best young people I know. She works in publishing, but oddly is not a great proofreader. She’s working on a mysterious fantasy I can’t wait to read, but, like a troublesome aunt, I have resisted to wait for the finished draft. I’m doing the same thing for my brother’s second book. It’s the only form of encouragement I can offer now, but think it will achieve results. We shall see.

Maybe she’s one of the best people I know because she is wise. Because she is loving and kind, and is patient to surmount difficulties. I just read one of her brilliant wise blog posts, and wanted to share with you. Jennifer Grace is her name. She blogged this back in early March, but I did not see it in part because, trivially, I was sacrificing for Lent: blog-reading and nuts (yum!).

Seven Truths that Make Their Way Into Every Relationship

And here is another at dreamingwithopeneyes


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  1. Your friend is wise indeed, and several of the things she writes about are things I’ve thought about and struggled with. I’ve come to the conclusion that whenever I get stuck on what I need/deserve/don’t have, it spells trouble. It’s not that my needs, etc., aren’t important, it’s that love–any kind of love, and therefore, love between a husband and a wife–shouldn’t be focused inward on me, me, me. It should reach out and look at the other person and find delight and interest in the other person … which is much, much easier said than done if circumstances get difficult. But it’s something to aim for. Not only is it a better way to be, but I think it makes people happier. I think when we focus too much on ourselves and our hurts and how we’ve been wronged and unappreciated, we can get lost in ourselves. There’s a wide world out there–come out.

    I don’t think all relationships can survive all onslaughts, and it definitely takes both people making an effort, but I agree with pretty much everything she says.


    • very encouraging comment.

      The Me! What You Deserve! it’s in all the ads.

      I found out this morning that, starting her own business, Jennifer is now in marketing. I wish her so well because we NEED thoughts like these in marketing.



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