Easter Sunday going home on the Gore Road

By the pond

By the pond


Now the road is sinking down toward a glacially carved valley, mute and somber collection of browns, overarched with blue. The long descent is daunting. I hesitate inwardly while keeping my legs in a forward motion downward. Descent, in this tired stiff body, on sore tendons, is little to complain of. It’s the return up steep hills I resist.

Then I remember the esker. Thinking now that I might write about this Easter trek, I decide that I want that esker in my experience.

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Walking Easter Sunday on the Gore Road

Poor Johnny's Bridge

Poor Johnny’s Bridge


Unlike the verbal record of these Holy Week walks the images in this series of posts are, with the exception of drawings, this week’s images …

Today I go past Johnny’s Bridge. Where kids once said a man named Johnny was buried in cement. I walked on from the bridge back  toward the Gore Road. It’s Easter, day of the new body. While Allen works in the paper mill, I plan a large walk to the end of the Gore and back. The Gore is a triangular piece of land. The road is named for the completion of this triangle. When viewed from above, the geometry isn’t so evident because there are no straight lines in these mountains.

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Walking past Earl’s on Maundy Thursday

Continuing on from yesterday’s post … I forgot about waitresses, rainbows and clouds. I thought of other things, saw other things.

One of those things was a particleboard ice-fishing shack sitting on someone’s yard. Ice was fixing to rot off the pond, the season was over. Saw Arthur’s high crooked house, heard him yell ineffectually at his barking dog. Past Earl’s black, patched-together house, hunkered to the ground. He would be out working at the town dump. Few people in this world have as fine a panorama as Earl’s from his tarpaper shack.

This is my romantic rendering of Earl's hut.

My romantic rendering of Earl’s hut.

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Walking Holy Days

The Local Hub has taken over Bob's Corner Store and Texaco since this walk was taken

The Local Hub has taken over Bob’s Corner Store and Texaco since this walk.


For Maundy Thursday, day of flesh and blood, of bread and wine. Left my dwelling under a low cloud, a cold calendar-spring day. The only vivid color cold blue, just beyond the western edge of cloud. Descending into the village slung along the highway, I looked out toward brown lands, and dark conifers, toward the somber town mountain across the river valley. Nearer: colorless houses, crammed together. Muddy water ran in torrents along the downhill roadside. For all the darkness of cloud above me, the air was surprisingly crisp. It was one of those cleansing Canadian systems, blowing through Western Maine on the day of broken body and blood.

The cloud began sprinkling me with cold droplets. It showered and I turned eastward, hurried up the highway toward the combination garage and corner store. The place was busy with cars, coming and going. The garage door was up, so I slipped inside to wait out the rain. The cloud, being edged with promising blue, could not last long enough to ruin my walk. Wasn’t I after the bread and wine?

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Here is a bit of off-topic bookness, unrelated to Maine. First, I’ve been glad of a posting at The Fellowship of The King, entitled: The Hitch in Readying to Meet…

The genesis of this slice of the Afterlife was a mythgard.org fundraising flash fiction contest. The entry needed work.  In fact it still does, but I’m very happy it was received as is at TFOTK. The editor chose a wonderful sort of reverse situation image to illustrate.

The next piece of news is about the SF alternate universe novel SiXPointz HiTopOLis. This was hard to write and I asked editing help from Scribblerworks   She’s an excellent editor if not totally timely. I used her to great benefit on Fantastic Travelogue. SiXPointz has been available at online venues in softcover, but now I’ve complied it as an ebook through Smashwords.  Smashwords is good for ebooking, as I was informed on the Tor blog by one of Tor’s authors.  They ship to all digital-book venues but Amazon. You have to do Amazon individually.

Finally on off-topic writerly, I’ve done some editing on Five Points Akropolis, in all three formats, hardcover, softcover and ebook. When the first Five Points Akropolis was about to come out a few years back, a virtual friend (also a Tor author) pointed out a couple problem spots on the first page! This was prompt enough to reread and tweak the whole book for debut. But now it’s tweaked again. It’s the same story but reads better, especially the character of the Grandmaster. And I set the 2016 copyright, in addition to the earlier date, on the copyright info page. It’s not available for distribution in paper yet but should be shortly, as it’s been approved.


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