new contract

MMII Exper_cover 7784704_cover

the mock cover we made for self-publication had the book not been accepted by wipf & stock


Dear Editor,

“Mr. _______, hoping to have the files for you in three weeks’ time if not sooner.  Many thanks!”

Here’s my initial pitch, which I recycled for this second book’s proposal.

“Maine memoir and creative nonfiction describe the Maine Metaphor series. In Maine Metaphor the emphasis is not personal, as it is in Carolyn Weber’s Surprised by Oxford; but natural and cultural as in The Maine Woods (Thoreau), Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (Annie Dillard), or Dakota by Kathleen Norris.  In Maine Metaphor the reader is immersed in Maine, the region, and an experience of a newcomer relishing the natural adventure. Five books in the sequence, Maine Metaphor is divided geographically (4) and seasonally (1), and composed over the course of 25 years.”

Once a book is accepted, Wipf & Stock’s materials submission process includes a mock interview.  I’m not sure of its purpose, except perhaps to get you in practice.  I plan to ask them to post it (this time) to the book page so I can link it here.  A sample question/answer of my own devising for the new book (Experience in the Western Mountains):


  1. “How were you able to go to school and live while writing?

“My spouse supported our family as you’ll see in the book—not so I could write but so I could eat! He had his own struggles earning in this part of Maine. He is retired now, so the income is fixed, but it’s still difficult for others making a living here.”

I’d like to see something like this on the cover because it is Maine mountainous.  And I’ve a concern that the photo on these covers be quintessential Maine.

Grateful for this news.

Dear Editor,

rough draft, still working out its tone

rough draft, still working out its tone

I’ve written to the editor before about state driving laws being just and needing no refinement. Now, can the elected stewards, our representatives, get together to scout an infrastructure plan for safe biking in districts, towns, and state?  There may be many working on proposals, but all such proposals would have to be worked out with dedicated fundraising monies, preferably from bicyclists, from grants, and matching funds then codified in law. If stewards who  bike get together to form a coalition, in the House and in local governments, it might happen.

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primitive camping

crocker pond primative site

crocker pond primative site


Primitive camping they call it.  Little triangular outlines in red on the Maine map in the gazetteer.  There’s a site not far from us we visit for it’s view and the bike ride to find it.  It can be a handy or beauty or cheap way to stay the night, depending on your position.

crocker pond pine

We camped once not far from the Bold Coast…

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