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There’s a certain kind of book to be found while browsing through the Maine section in the stacks of the Rumford Library. It’s a nonfiction genre, depicting a kind of life in toto, but if the genre has a name I don’t know what it is. Let this be an attempt to describe it, and then, possibly, a name will emerge from the description.

I’ve chosen three examples. The first is Louise Dickinson Rich’s book, We Took to the Woods written in the early 1940s, it recounts Mrs. Rich’s experiences of living geographically cut off from the outside world in the Richardson Lakes Region of Western Maine. The second example is Annette Jackson’s My Life in the Maine Woods: A Game Warden’s Wife in the Allagash Country, published in 1954. Bernice Richmond’s Our Island Lighthouse, published in 1947 and depicting her summer life on a tiny island in Frenchman’s Bay, will serve as the third example.

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More notes on Maine Metaphor

Very moving this am, attending to the congregation declare “we will,” in response to the request that they support the marriage of Harry and Meghan as long as they live. YEA!

If you scroll down on the links posted below, you’ll find a couple notes on a couple books in the Maine Metaphor series from Dana Wilde–a generous longtime Maine columnist and author.


Maine Metaphor

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Maine lawmakers make reading recommendations

Maine lawmakers were making reading recommendations to one another the other day. This was meant to be escapist reading, novel ideas tossed off to cut the tedium of having to wade through the language of legislative bills. Substantive books which yet carried one along without having to think about the words that conveyed the story. It was the kind of reading one does at camp in summer or at the beach, maybe beside the woodstove or fireplace in winter. With something good to drink, your feet propped up.

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Some read thrillers, cozy mysteries, or horror — the last very germane to the State of Maine and guaranteed to keep the reader awake and distracted from legislative business no matter what. A few were big on Tolkien, one of the great fathers of fantastic escapist literature. And that’s how it came about that some lawmakers agreed one evening to read a short work by the maker of Middle-earth and discuss it the next morning over coffee before the vote on recommendations for that particularly knotty piece of legislation.

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Maine’s fight with China over intellectual property rights.

Maine’s in a fight with China over intellectual property rights.


Since the recent threat (hinted at by China’s representative in Portland recently), Maine is fighting for its intellectual life and property rights. According to the Portland Press Herald, Maine’s avoidance of China’s currently proposed import tax of 25% may only be temporary. We are in danger of being priced out of the Chinese market for lobsters, locally known as lobstahs. According to this report, China’s ballooning middle-class is lobster-hungry. Of nearly 18,000,000 lbs. shipped, 80% were caught in traps set by Maine’s savvy lobstermen.

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Here’s our Letter to the Editor about an old couple evicted from their rural Maine home in winter for failure to pay property taxes.

Our letter gives few details about the situation in which the woman was removed in her hospital bed from the living room during the sudden eviction two days before the end of December in 2016. Accounts tell of an offer by a friend to pay nearly all back taxes, but officials declined the offering in order to give the property to the highest bidder — for a figure approximately 10% of its value.

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